View Full Version : RCS, goldfish, and algae?

12-13-2010, 10:22 PM
I have this 75gallon tank with one 2 and 1/2'' goldfish, and two apple snails. It's covered in purple/brown algae that the snails seem to refuse to eat. It often has a nitrate problem so I was thinking that I should put some plants in it (probly like java moss). However I've tried this befor in a similar setting and the plant just got covered in algae and died. So then I thought I should get somthing to keep it clean. How well will RCS eat algae (algae that apple snails don't like). Would you recomend somthing else (I'd prefer somthing small and easily bred)? Will the goldfish pose a problem to the RCS (It's a large tank with very large substrate and pleanty of places to hide)? I plan on moving two Rapheal catfish into this tank eventaully; will these pose a problem to the RCS?

12-13-2010, 11:45 PM
I would say that your best bet is a pleco. In a tank that large you could put a standard pleco although bristlenose plecos are typically prefered as they don't get nearly as large. They should clean the tank up in no time. I would be a little worried that the goldfish might eat the RCS if you put any in there.

With so few fish in the tank it's important to find out why you have that much algae. If I had to guess you might be over feeding the fish. Try cutting back on their food a bit and see if that helps things. Weekly water changes will also help keep the nitrate levels down although it's not a real solution per say.

As for plants, I would suggest something hearty like java ferns or hygros. Hygros in particularly grow like crazy and are excellent at removing excess nutrients from the water. A nice lawn of moss also acts as a great biological filter but it's probably worth getting the algae under control before you put moss in as it can easily be overtaken by algae.

12-14-2010, 12:23 AM
I only feed the goldfish every other day (though it is kindof sloppy; I figured RCS would help in cleaning up anything missed). I'll try cutting back anyways. I did water replacements and got it down to 7ppms before, but in like two weeks it was back up above 20 (like 25-30, I didn't write it down for some reason). By now it's probly 40 (I'll do water replacments over this weekend). I don't remeber if plecos are but I know that some janitor fish will eat the slime coat off goldfish and bother them. Hygros won't be eaten by the goldfish or apple snails? I've tried Java fern but it was eaten. After reading Dave66's article on algae I'm pretty sure it's black brush algae. He recomends SAEs but I don't really want them. Anything comparable (preferably as a shrimp)?

12-14-2010, 03:31 AM
No shrimp with goldfish.