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12-08-2010, 06:41 AM
So I got a tank setup at work a few weeks ago. Nothing big, just a 10G (still might have to get rid of it, the facility lady does not believe me that they will not all die and stink up the building over a 4 day weeked...).

Right now its got quite a few plants in it, three of my giant ramshorns (who have laid 5 clutches of eggs since then, holy crap) as well as 3 endlers and 3 guppies, all male. My co-worker(we share an office and he brought in the tank, I just "advised" him on stocking and provided all the initial setup stuff, luckily he listens, aside from one incident where he forgot to use dechlor after a small water change...no impact oddly enough).

So he bought 2 RCS for the tank, one of them was carrying eggs. Seems that one lost all the eggs after it was put into the tank. Honestly, I do not know a whole lot about shrimp, and just chalked it up to the transport. This morning he walks in with a tupperware dish with 14 more RCS he got off of CL. Always neat seeing someone get into the hobby.

We have been feeding the tank mostly spirulina flakes and I usually drop in 1 brine shrimp pellet a day. Initally it was for the guppies, since at home they love them. Oddly enough, the only thing that touches the shrimp pellets at work are the shrimp. They all swarm in and start digging in.

And here I thought they like algae...:sconfused:

Anyone else have shrimp that like eating shrimp?

12-08-2010, 06:45 AM
I've seen one of my RCS snatch a brine shrimp out of the water, roll it up in a ball, and start eating it. It was creepy and fascinating.

12-08-2010, 07:37 AM
Most small carnivorous shrimp will scavenge on dead of their own kind from what I've seen. As for shrimp pellets and brine shrimp, they love those both too. My ghosties are less picky than RCS, and will eat nearly anything. I've seen bamboo shrimp, amanos and one of those rhino/vampire shrimp I have go up and pick bits off of a shrimp pellet too. Most shrimp don't seem to be too picky, I was surprised at seeing two filter feeders go after solid food the first few times I saw it, but i guess they adapt and figure out how to eat what's available...