View Full Version : plant tissue turning brownish yellow and opaque

12-01-2010, 10:01 PM
So I am thinking it might have been the fact that I had an 18watt bulb for a 29 gallon tank, or the lack of Co2 but I wanted a second opinion to make sure.

basically the plants in the tank were turning opaque in color and turning brown or yellow at the same time, I used flourish as my fert, the plants I have are all classified as low light-med light plants.

I had a recently green amazon sword that I put in several weeks ago and it has begun to develop the same symptoms:

recently I bought a new light rig to replace the old start up, the new rig is a coralife 2 bulb settup with both benig T5 HO 30watt and I have a10000K bulb and a actinic bulb in it right now...I read that actinic is not as beneficial for freshwater as they are not used to the blue spectrum so I might be changing that bulb out. I also setup a DIY Co2 system using two 2 litter bottles and some sugar and yeast. While that ramps up I decided to get some flourish excel and have done the inital dosing.

I believe the discoloration occurred before the addition of the new lights and the CO2.