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11-25-2010, 09:15 PM
Since I haven't had my betta for a long time, I'm still getting used to his behaviour. I've read a fair amount about normal behaviour so I don't freak out when he gulps at the surface or flares at me.

My tank has a large piece of driftwood which acts as a platform for him to sleep at night, as I attached an anubias plant near the top. It also serves as a hiding spot for my ancistrus which spends most of the day under the driftwood. Every day there is a lot of small pieces of wood/poo at the bottom of the tank, so I change 30% of the water twice a week to get rid of it.

Every now and then, my betta swims towards the bottom of the tank and wags back and forth on the bottom. At first I thought he might be scratching himself, but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with his scales or fins. He has been doing this for weeks. He spends most of the day just swimming around the 15 gallon tank at various heights, but every now and then he wags at the bottom of the tank, stirring up the wood shavings and waste.

Is this his way of telling me to clean his home? He seems to only do it at the front of the tank... is this a sign of a more serious problem?

Michael Milligan
11-25-2010, 10:49 PM
If there is enough waste for him to stir-up, then a clean wouldn't hurt. Bettas always like more plants. :)

Bettas also sleep and float all different ways. If he is swimming around he is likely fine.

11-25-2010, 11:13 PM
I would have to do a water change everyday to remove all the waste. That Ancistrus produces more waste than 3 goldfish, I swear! And the Aquaclear 30 doesn't seem to collect much of it.

I might make a video sometime.

Little Embers
11-26-2010, 03:11 AM
Cutting back on feeding may help with the waste issue. What are your water parameters like?

If your betta isn't constantly doing it, I wouldn't worry too much, he may just have an itch or something is attracting him (I know the most waste in my tanks was usually in the front area of the tanks) and if there is a buildup of waste there, you may be getting a lot of planaria, copepods or nemotodes, which he may be trying to stir up from the gravel.

11-26-2010, 03:41 AM
Parameters are normal. 0 0 5-10. Ph 7.4. temp 25C.

I never see any betta poo... hard to see any with all the pleco poo. I would feed the pleco less if I could tell how full she is. She hides all day and only pops out at night. If she sees me she hides... I don't think she forgave me for moving her out of the 32gal.