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10-27-2010, 09:32 AM
I have 3 tanks all of them have gravel. If gravel is supposed to be stones less than a centimetre then what I have are pebbles because they are less than an inch but bigger than a centimetre. Hope I'm correct here ?

In one of my tanks. I want to add these Low Light Plants (1-2 W per G) (posted by Dave)

Anubis sp. (both common sp.)
Ceratopyllum demersen
Vallisneria sp. (all species)
Egeria densa
Vesicula dubyana
Fontinalis antipyretica
Microsorium pteropus
Cryptocoryne affinis
C. lutea
C. walkerii
Lemna minor

These plants are available to me to order in a package to order

Rotala Rotundifolia (Red) Stem
Rotala Rotundifolia (Green) Stem
Rotala Najean Stem
Limnophila Aquatica Stem
Hygrophila Polysperma (Red) Stem
Hygrophila Difformis Stem
Potamogeton Gayi Stem
Micranthemum MicranthemoidsStem Stem
Mayaca Fluviatilis Stem
Ludwigia Palustris (Red) Stem
Myriophylum Scabratum(G) Stem
Limnophila Aromatica (G) Stem
Stringy moss
Christmas Moss

My current lighting is only 8 W for a 8 G but its not the kind of UV light which is needed for plants so I'll need to get a proper one and of minimum 16-20 W. The lights are switched only for 1 hour in the morning and 3 hours in the evening. But the room is very bright during the day.

Since my room is very bright are the lights to be kept on for full 8 hours ?

I already have Java Moss which is at the bottom of the tank. My driftwood is getting ready and is still submerged releasing tannins.

Will my Java Moss Grow here in the tank in the present conditions ?

I read about Seachem Flourite and found this can be ordered in some remote place far away from where I live and would get it home delivered. Since I already have a 2 inch gravel in my tank.

If I want to add plants in here, Can I mix some Flourite with the pebbles OR create a half / half section of Flourite and Pebbles OR have the pebbles all around and at the base like a crust all around with the Flourite in the middle ?

Other than Java moss which of the above Low Light Plants can I grow on driftwood ?

Which of those plants listed above (daves post and available package) are suited to low light or can grow on driftwood ?


10-27-2010, 09:49 AM
The Package Plants are of Low Light / No Co2
Total = 120 stems + 2 Mosses

10-27-2010, 01:00 PM
Any plants with rhizomes such as the anubias and java fern (Microsorum pteropus) MUST be planted with their rhizomes exposed to water. You can attach them to driftwood or rocks or, if their roots are long enough, you can bury just the roots in the substrate.

How close is the tank to the window? I don't think ambient light will do much for the plants, but if the tank is right next to the window, that might work. You'll probably be best off running the tank lights for at least 8 hours a day. It's a small tank so it shouldn't kill your electricity bill.

From glancing over the list, I noticed several plants that have high light requirements such as the Limnophila Aromatica. If you do order the package, don't expect these high-light plants to do very well in your tank.

If you decide to use flourite, you're probably better off just removing the pebbles and only using the flourite. Flourite has beneficial properties that the pebbles don't. You're other options for substrate include flourite sand or eco-complete.

Hope I answered most of your questions :)

10-27-2010, 07:59 PM
Thks funkman262 for the advice.

Strange ! The site quoted it as Low Light / No Co2 Plants. Seems like they are fooling everyone just like a LFS.

I think I'll stick to Java Moss, Christmas Moss, Anubias and Java Fern on Driftwood

I'll need to be patient because it will take months to have a good looking plant / or growing moss on driftwood in which loooks good and does benifit the tank. Once my driftwood is ready I'd probably pick a couple of strands from the existing Java Moss and transfer them on to the driftwood for the other tanks.


10-27-2010, 10:21 PM
Don't be discouraged from trying other plants. There are plenty of plants that can thrive in your tank. Maybe you should just start a new thread to ask for suggestions on which plants would be right for you. Also keep in mind that there are more options for the moss, anubias and fern opposed to strictly placing them on the driftwood. You could make a wall or carpet out of the moss, you can attach the anubias and ferns to rocks to keep on the substrate, or you can plant the roots of the anubias and ferns into the substrate when they grow long enough without burying the rhizomes.

10-31-2010, 06:30 PM
Thanks funkman262 for your suggestions

I think at the end of this week my driftwood will be ready as today after a water change the water is still clear at the end of the day.

So next week ill attach/tie the Java Moss in a closed environment so that the moss attaches itself to the driftwood before I can add the driftwood to the tank meanwhile I can look out for anubias and ferns also.

Ive already started experimenting with my moss wall in the fry tank

My LFS has suggested adding Green Cabomba as food for fish when were away on more than 2/3 days holiday. Is this right ?