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10-15-2010, 01:55 PM
I saw a thread about this, but I figured I could start a new one for any beginners.

I recently took over taking care of our 120g tank after our last Bala Shark died. I wasn't much of a fish person until my wife purchased this tank, but now I find myself researching each fish we got and working hard to create the right water conditions for everyone.

I thought our last Pleco was dead until I started doing water changes and had to move some rocks. There he was!!! But he looked beat up... His tail fin looks chewed up with a little red dot on the end and his pectoral/pelvic fin (not sure what the plecos are that are on his side) is a tad fringed.

I recently learned plecos are very territorial, so I'm assuming he killed the other two and these are his battle scars. However, I also learned that some tetras are nippers... I have 6 neons, 3 glow lights, 4 bleeding hearts, 5 blood fins, a dalmation molly, and an angel fish. I also have a comet gold fish in there (blush) (I know, i know. I should move him, but at the time, I wasn't the fish person and the other said it would be fine. I'm getting ready to setup a new home for him).

So... wondering what everyone thinks? Battle scars or nippers? ... or what about this small red dot on the end of the beat up tail fin? There were a couple more when I first found him, but now it's down to one little red dot. He is trully nocturnal, I hardly see him out during the day or when the lights are on, so I don't see anyone nipping.

I'll keep everyone posted each week on his condition in case other people have this issue and would like some reassurance. Thanks!:22:

*edit* In case someone gets crazy about the gold fish mixin' up with the tropicals, would it be okay if I put him in a 10g tank without a filter and all the fixin's to seperate him quickly? I mean, he lived in a fish bowl for about 6 months before we gave him a huge home, but I would feel bad putting him into solitary again. I'd like to put him in the 10g and give him a couple friends.

Lady Hobbs
10-15-2010, 02:19 PM
Could it be fin fungus? I doubt any tetra would attempt beating up on a pleco. Also wondered if the angels might have spawned and the pleco was eating their eggs and took a whoopin'.

10-15-2010, 10:09 PM
plecos easily get torn fins from just thrashing about scraping decor and such (possibly from fighting the others). they also heal quickly with good water params. I would leave him be for a few weeks and see if he looks better. let us know if the red mark gets worse or better over the next few days.

10-28-2010, 06:52 PM
Proud to report that the little red dot on the pleco is gone and his fins appear to be healing! I believe the culprit has been removed from the tank... a molly?!

I noticed 2 different tetras were appearing stressed... I started spying on my tank and when the molly didn't notice me watching, I could see him chasing fish around and nipping. Not surprising since he beat up and killed another molly.

Now the pleco is coming out of his cave and the 2 other tetras are swimming happily around. So now I have to figure out what to do with this violent molly...