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10-02-2010, 12:03 AM
So my pond is in a constant state of green. I think we have finally found a UV filter that will fit our budget. It is from Beckett.

Any thoughts?? If we get a UV sterilizer, do we leave it hooked up during winter? Last winter we unplugged the filter once it started freezing over solid. All the fish lived through the winter- even the couple feet of snow we got! Dad also got an air pump and was going to leave that running- so we don't have to bring warm water to the pond to keep a hole in the ice for air exchange.

Also, about twice a year- I take the fish out of the pond and pump all the water out of it, and take up the sludge on the bottom, rinse all the walls down etc. I don't touch the filter however. Should I be doing this? I usually do it in the early summer and then around now- for winter prep.

And- wintering the water lily and the water lettuce/hyacinth. I was going to put these in a bucket of pond water in the shop- near the glass doors so they get light. Will this work? Or should I remove all the leaves from the lily?

10-02-2010, 12:21 AM
okeedokee,Pond shut down 101.
1st step keeping air exchange hole open.Simply use whatever pump you have running now and locate it so it is directing all its flow toward a small area on the surface,you don't want a jet of water coming up but simply a bulged water area on the surface.This will keep a hole going in all but the coldest climes.If it does freeze in that area it will be thin,simply lightly chip [don't bang.this can give the fish a concussion] away the thin latticed ice in the bulge.Don't panic if it does freeze for a few days,they can normally got 3-5 days.
2nd,take the uv light down for the winter ,it is not needed and the cold can damage the bulb.
3rd,don't do the pond tear down thing,but in the spring remove and replace25% of the water once a week for a month ,this will be fine for the summer unless you are overstocked.Use free water changes,if you know there will be a big rain event simply pump over a few inches and let God help ya a little.In the winter b4 shut down do a 50% water change as a final thing.Never remove the fish or all the water,it isn't helpful and simply stresses them.
4th.the plants,the water lettuce may make it inside as you stated but the Lily's can simply stay in the water ,move them to the deepest part of the pond so they don't freeze.I am assuming they are hardy Lily's.If they are not and you know they aren't ,then take them out,put them in a bucket of water and place them in your basement or other place where they will not go lower then 45 deg or so.Ill bet you have hardys.never remove the leaves,let them fall off on there own,there will also be some small leaves the lily keeps submerged at the end of the season,these are its indicators,they keep these to start out with at the beginning of spring.If you have had your lily's for more then a season they will be root bound and need bigger pots next spring.Ask me then how to handle that.:ssmile:

10-02-2010, 02:56 AM
Thanks smaug! I knew I could count on you!!

Does this seem like an OK UV thing??

10-02-2010, 02:42 PM
Just be sure to not have too much flow for its output or you will kill very little.a bit less flow is better.I have not heard of that brand but the proof is in whether it works or not.write an equipment review on it once you have used it for awhile.