View Full Version : Algea, Shrimp, Guppies and lots of questions

06-20-2007, 09:40 PM
I'm totally new to aquariums and water gardening. My water garden started with just plants and some how my 3 year old talked me into getting fish, I got guppies. I had the first water garden at my campsite, in Jackson NJ. After returning from the week at home, I found we had fry...I took them home to my water garden at the house. Then I found myself very interested into these little guys. Well, it's all history now. Some how I found ghost shrimp and was told they are good algea eaters, so I bought them my water garden at home, its filled with allgea. Well after doing more research I found they really aren't and they will eat my fry, I don't want that. They are just too cute. Now I'm in between a rock and a "shrimp" (ok I know it was corny). They will be arriving this week so I have to think of something fast. Some one had suggested to let nature take its course and I think it may be a good idea since guppies are like bunnies in the fish world. But I'm not to sure about what to do with the ghost shrimp. Any suggestions on what to do about the algae at the house "pond" and what to do with the shrimp? I say "pond" because it's really a 20 gallon round tote, it's in a nice sunny place, with some water showing. There is a pump, that was just added to circulate the water. Any suggestions is greatly appreciate.