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06-19-2007, 01:46 PM
Ive had the tank set up for 4 months now and ive had three angels in the tank for a good 3 months with no problem

i lost one angel about 3 weeks ago for no apparent reason.. and only 4 days ago i lost another angel becuase it seemed constipated, i tried feeding it green's and cut back on meaty products... and now a third angel has been refusing to eat ever since i lost my last angel, it would suck it into its motuh but then spit it right out, id would hate to lose this last angel, any ideas would be greatlyu appreciated

hmmm abit about my tank, 80l, nitrate 0, amonia 0 and ph of 7.2 i had an outbraek of white spot about a month ago which seems to be under control after using malachite green and a stress coat product along with siphoning of the gravel, i lost a drawf gourami 2 month ago after trying to treat him for a body ulcer... ago recently lost a black ghost knife which seemed to be under stress (it didnt hide in the tude i provided for him) but toher than that my 6 tiger barbs, 2 clown loaches, 2 lemon tetras, one bristlenose catfish, 1 gourami and two silver sharks... i am thinking my tank is abit over stocked but i am not too sure becuase i was told by the lfs, it can house about 18 fish (correct me if i am wrong)


06-19-2007, 07:46 PM
You are not wrong. Your tank could hold about 18 small fish. It is overstocked. The water parameters that you gave indicate that you are on top of the water quality - but with the size tank you have and the types of fish you will fall behind at some point. Many of the fish you have will grow to be too big for the tank if they were the only fish in it.

I would supsect that the fish are getting stressed from being just plain overcrowded. You may want to look into getting a larger tank or finding new homes for some of the larger fish (Sharks, Loaches, Angels)