View Full Version : very sudden weird behavior...insight needed!!!

09-16-2010, 09:07 AM
ive had my pleco for over two years now with absolutely no problems...i am not proud to admit that its endured pretty harsh conditions in the past, but hes a trooper and never showed any signs of discomfort...always has been very healthy and "normal"

just recently (yesterday) after a water change, hes been acting very bizarre...he swims vertically up to the surface of the water, then slowly slides down the glass until his tail hits the gravel, then repeats...hes been doing that all of last night and all of today...

hes been continuously doing this routine so much within a 24 hour period in fact, that his tail is now tattered (due to hitting and bending on gravel) and the tip of his nose is wounded (from swimming to the surface, overshooting the distance and hitting my cover)

ive read this could either be gas bubble disease among other things...this has gotten me very worried...he is literally committing self destruction :greencry:

this is in a 30G with other healthy fish and unfortunately, my girlfriend currently has my test strips so i cant check the water, but all other inhabitants are doing perfectly fine and display no difference in behavior

any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

09-16-2010, 09:11 AM
That sounds horrible! When was the last time you checked for ammonia, nitrites, etc? Did you treat the water before putting it in (dechlor etc)?

Might help us work it out with a bit more info that's all. :)