View Full Version : Need Plant Suggestions

08-06-2010, 05:20 PM
Need some suggestions for my tank. I have a sand substrate. I currently have a large sword and hornwort.

The large sword seems to be slowly dying as I have had the leaves turning dark green with, what looks like, algae and some holes forming on the leaves. I have had it for six months and its still alive I just do not see any growth.

The hornwort just grows and grows. The only issue is it has a dull coloration to it. Otherwise its pretty healthy. Almost too healthy at times.

I wanted to add some ground covering plants but I am unsure what I could safely add that will not die. It is a low-light, 29 gallon tank. I have a carbon supplement I add every day with fertilizer tabs in the substrate. Any suggestions on what could go it with minimal extra care? I am looking at a CO2 system but am unsure if it is necessary.

Also there is currently one kissing Guarami, six rainbow Bosemanis, and a Otto. Thanks for any advice :)