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08-01-2010, 10:45 PM
Sorry for the lack of posts the last month or so but I have been busy in my back den building a nuclear linear accelerator to created a focused neutron beam - the reason is not appropriate here but those things can kill yeah if you make even a small mistake in their design/operation so I have been focusing my energies there but what does apply here was my having a spare 55 gal aquarium - that has been a boon as radiation shielding - water stops stray neutrons, x-rays and H.E. protons extremely well! No fish in the tank, of course!

I missed reading this forum and the great ideas/stories so its good to get a chance to read the posts again. Still, my too long delayed project of moving some rather big discus from the 75 gal tank to another 75 to give them more space and less crowding and what happened with the new filtering system has caused me to post.

I finally had time to install and run my new canister filter that has been collecting dust with the new tank/stand for the past two months. Now that the tank is filled, it needs to cycle (fishless of course but will seed using some of old filter material that I have been preseeding in the HOB in the current discus tank– I have ammonia from Ace as per the great instructions located here.))

Bottom line, I finally started the canister filter and the thing was so quite that I didn’t think it even started and had to put my fingers into the water to determine if it was even running and it was pumping like crazy - unbelievable how quite these things are - if it really works as well as they say, I'm sold big time. I ... well, really the fish, will find out that aspect of these guys.

If so, I think I will move all my tanks to these puppies.

Lady Hobbs
08-01-2010, 11:24 PM
Canisters are better than microwave ovens. Glad you're liking yours.

08-02-2010, 12:47 AM
Lady Hobbs, thx for the laugh. Your statement is so true.

Cermet, I to am a converted canister user. I only use HOB filter on smaller tanks that get use for fry or as a quarantine tank.