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07-30-2010, 04:04 AM
So, I have recently become much more ingratiated with one of my LFS' suppliers, i've done business with them for a while, but up until a few weeks ago I had never been to the actual business, or talked to the owner. Now I have been helping out there for free, and just kind of showing up to help out in general (think I'm looking for a job lol?). today he got the second part of a shipment that had all kinds of mislabeled stuff. If you read my thread about blue tiger shrimp those came in the first part of the shipment. But today he got a whole bunch of plants and a few mismarked and oddball fish, and a bunch of stuff he didnt order.

Before I go on maybe there's a few things I should explain. This company is a small family run place, employs about 10 people or less, and probably supplies fish for less than 50 stores, none of which are big box. imagine if Petsmart was aquarium related only, more like a warehouse, and run and operated by people that know their stuff well. it's basically paradise for me.

So, anyway the owner gave me a whole box of plants. Perfect because I have that new tank sitting waiting for plants I was planning on buying off of him soon. A lot of it was stuff I wasn't that interested in or wouldn't have bought, (he gave me like 8 water hyacinths, so I gave those to a customer for her pond. Spread the wealth, right?) but how can I turn it down for free. I also picked up a surinamensis from him, poor thing looked terrible, and he figured it was a goner. I threw it into my 55 that has rainbows, and it has colored up beautifully, took about 15 minutes and it looked like a completely different fish. Still trying to figure out its final tank destination. don't want to put him in the tank I threw all the plants in, the substrate is so fine it would be constantly cloudy with a geo in there. Also I'm hoping to get a few more of them, so I may use the other 4' tank I have in waiting to set up a geo tank, I love them. anyway, here are some pics, I was so excited I threw all the plants in the tank and didn't even plant them properly or even remove pots and tags i was so rushed to share my news with the forum LOL, everyone else thinks I'm crazy being excited about fish and plants. Now I'm looking at it and I may have a long night ahead, drilling slate and cutting driftwood and scaping. Ive had the components ready for a while and the tank is all coming together! cycled medium and an extra HOB are ready for when I decide stocking. Or I may just wait, the anticipation of scaping a blank canvas is almost as awesome as doing it will be.

So, ten years later, after i've finished writing this post that could be a book here are a few pics. I've already pulled the plants out and replanted them in rows, this is just to show some of what I got:

07-30-2010, 04:11 AM
corkscrew val, crypto spiralis, a few types of swords including dwarfs and narrow leaf dwarfs, dwarf hairgrass, dwarf onions,malayan aqua fern (???) scraggly anubias with algea, scraggly java fern, and a couple im still trying to identify. The picture shows about a third of the plants I got, not including the hyacinth I gave away.

07-30-2010, 05:01 AM
Crud, that geo looks as if he has ich, I only noticed some white cysts after it colored up and got deep and dark coloring in low lighting. I just moved him to quarantine in the plant tank which has no livestock, raised the temp in the tank he was in and the one he is now in, and I'm prepared for an outbreak, any other preventative measures you might reccomend?