View Full Version : Chain Swords in conga pebbles

07-24-2010, 04:52 AM
I put Conga pebbles in a 2.5 gal - wasn't planning on planting anything in it (had to isolate a Betta, long story....) but of course once I got it set up I couldn't stand it, had to put a plant in it. I had some chain swords so put one in the tank - wow, looks huge in a 2.5 Lol! Will a chain sword do ok in that substrate if I add ferts on a regular schedule? I normally use Eco Complete or Flourite and have no experience with plants in this kind of substrate. If the sword is doomed then I'll switch for an Annubis Nana on some wood. I didn't want to spend that much $ on it though, for one thing I'm still a little sore at my Betta (kidding) and it's hard to take a 2.5 seriously. Doesn't help that is sitting right next to my 38tall. It looks like the tall sent out a runner :hmm3grin2orange: