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07-18-2010, 03:06 AM
1 week before moving and I just discovered a new batch of frys.
This time it's not Mickey Mouse or High Fin Platties but Danio's.(Neat cause I like my speedy guys)
I'm still trying to get rid of 2 batches of High Fin's plus I wound up with a few Red Wag (cause Papa was one which I found later. He was suppose to be a High Fin but he always kept his fin down so you couldn't tell).
A few months ago my goldfish layed eggs when I added a Fantail Goldfish then my tank clouded up which I discovered later it was the male doing his job but I cleaned out thinking my tank needed it. But one guy told me that Goldfish had to be 5 years old before they layed eggs. So it's not possible!But I don't know how old she is cause Santa brought her.
I guess by next Christmas I will be very experienced at raising babies without even trying. LOL
Well I read Dave's article about Danios so I'm going to try them on hard boiled eggs. I know the Platies grew nicely on that diet. The one batch I didn't start right away and they took awhile to grow.
Well I ended up starting to clean out my 15 and 20 gal tanks to I could get them set up for next weeks move but ended up getting held back when I drained half of the 20 gal then took a break. When I went back I discovered what looked like mosquito's on the inside of the tank in the water. I had to take a second look. Danio's!!!!!
I had a female Zebra (white belly) that I thought was just overeating cause she seemed fat for a long time but nothing seemed to change. So I quit watching her. She still looks fat!!!
So I guess the eggs hatched today. Lovely, I was halfway done cleaning out my tank to pack it in the van. I was trying to sell my last 5 gal tank so that changed plans. Little suckers were hard to catch cause they were on the edge or they were already starting to zoom!!!!
So I got my small gravel cleaner and sucked them up plus the water hoping they would survive like a few of myPlaties did. Well it worked!!! Took 3 attempts to get them all then I finally finished cleaning my tank.
So now I have all my fish swished into 2- 10's and now 2- 5 gals.
Now they are just gonna have to wait 1 more week then they will have freedom again!!!! Poor things have either 2 or 3 large goldfish sharing with them and hogging all the food. Least I will have clean tanks by next weekend cause the goldfish will clean up the bottom plus clean the rocks.
Do they have birth control for fish so I can by this next week without anymore preggies???????

Lady Hobbs
07-18-2010, 03:48 PM
You have livebearers and livebearers spawn constantly. Nothing new there.

Good luck with your move. Always kinda fun to move into new diggs.