View Full Version : Is it unusual for different types of Barbs to hang out together.

07-12-2010, 11:59 PM
I got a fifty five gallon aquarium from Craigslist. It had an Oscar in it and had been established for years. I talked the owner into rehoming the Oscar elsewhere and brought my aquarium home. I cleaned scrubbed and worked my butt off to make this nice. I kept the sponge wet to keep bacteria.

This was weeks ago. When I got home we had baby goldfish in our pond outside that were being ate by the larger goldfish so I put a couple of them in the fifty five to try and keep the bacteria growing and basically make sure my tank was stable. (I know this is horrible but thankfully all the babies lived and are now too big to be ate in the pond outside). I went to a large chain petstore and got 5 barb fish to put in my aquarium. Somehow this guy talked me into getting 2 Cherry Barbs and 3 Banana Barbs (He also called them Gold). So I brought them home after raising the temp to suitable conditions for them after moving the Goldfish (I also had my water tested at the store and he said it looked great) After reading and doing research I realized my barbs needed more of their own kind to thrive. After waiting for the tank to catch up with them I finally got to go tonight to add more fish to my tank. I got three Cherry and 2 Golden. The Golds don't look anything like the other fish I have in my tank and I think I messed up.

So my questions are....

The "Banana" Barbs and Cherry Barbs all hang out together and swim together. Will this change as they get older or are they actually schooling together? Even the new Cherries I brought home tonight are with them. Do I need to go find more "Banana" Barbs somewhere to bring their numbers up?

The Golden Barbs I got tonight are kinda hanging out with the rest of them but also going their own way. Do I now need to go get more of these too. I didn't want a tank full of Barbs. I wanted to mix a smaller group of Mollies or something in there after the tank caught up with these ten.

Sorry this is so long. This has been a very long process for me to get here and now I feel like I messed up. Some facts about my tank are. 55 gallon (regular shaped), Cascade 400 filter (175 gph) it is an internal filter with the bar that goes across the top to spread out the water. I have driftwood pieces, plants, and decorations in the bottom of the tank. I want to get more to offer more hiding spots but I have five fake plants, one decoration they can go in that is about 10 inches long and 10 high, plus the driftwood is about 8-9 inches. Any other information please ask. Thank You for any and all advice.

07-13-2010, 02:24 AM
I've seen schools where different types of barbs (or even different species of fish) will school together. It mostly depends on how the fish were raised (i.e. with other types of fish) and how big they are when they are put into the tank.

I wouldn't worry. They many continue to school for a while. Although I wouldn't be surprised if they started to separate a bit as they reach their different max sizes.

07-13-2010, 02:47 AM
Thank You DrNic. After doing much research today I think the fish I got today are not Gold Barbs. I think my original fish were the barbs. The two I got today are shaped more like a tiger barb but they don't have the vertical stripes they have one horizonal stripe down their side and also the tops of their eyes look like they are red (not sick but natural). Looking at my receipt it says neon black tetras?? I didn't think they looked the same in the store but when I got them home they are not the same fish.

07-13-2010, 03:17 AM
Just to update I posted pic.s in the beginners part and someone identified the new fish I got today as Black Neon Tetra's so I guess I will get more Gold Barbs and a few more of the Black Neon's to round out my tank. Will they be ok not having the correct number (The gold barbs and black neons) until the tank cycle has time to catch up with the new ones from today? There is no chasing or fighting everyone seems to get along. It seems they aren't even hiding from me when I get near the tank everyone just continues on their way.