View Full Version : want to breed my barbs

07-04-2010, 02:24 AM
does anyone have sugestions on how to set up a tank for breeding my babrs. i have green and tiger.

little hawaii
07-04-2010, 02:53 AM
I breed barbs and Angels for a few years. Barbs are very easy IF they are well conditioned. That is the key. Seperate the sexes and feed all they can eat as often as they will eat. Preferably some live foods like chopped earthworms, brine shrimp. Lots of water changes for 2 weeks.
Now while that wait is going on set up your spawnning tank. I would steralize a 5 or ten gallon tank and rinse well. Fill it with hot water from the fosset to about 4" and cover it. The next day put in a whole bunch of java moss being the best in my op. Any acrylic yarn will work well too. Unravel it cut it all up make a big mess of it and boil it to see if any unstable coloring comes out.
Way all that down on one end of the tank with something, I use floor screws, not sure why but it works. Put in an air stone on the oposite end. This should all be set up 3-4 days befor you want to spawn them and left covered.
On the night before the spawning I would slip in 2 heavey females and your best male.
Almost a garantee that they will begin spawning at VERY FIRST light so get up early to see it happen. It will be very noticable, the male will drive thew fem. into the bushes and the eggs start to fly, literaly. they will come out in clouds if you watch close. It only takes maybe an hour and you need to remove the parents imediantly after they are done. They will loose the urge and start eatting the eggs. From then on I would do a good water change every day and watch them grow. It is a lot of fun and so cool to see something that most people will never see. Good luck and if you want to talk more or ask send me a PM.