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07-03-2010, 06:21 PM
Hey first off I'm new here but I have visited from time to time for advice. Let me jump right into my question. I'm going off to college in the fall and against my families wishes I'm taking some of my fish with me. I have decided the tank im bringing is a 5-10 gallon desktop aquarium. I would love to bring one of my leporinus fasciatus with me one is a baby and under 2 inches the other is pushing 8 inches but I believe is stunted (i inherited it 3 years ago from my sisters teacher after it was the only fish to survive the whole year) I also have in my available stock one 3 1/2 inch giant male betta, a 6 1/2inch african butterfly fish, algae eaters, Sumatran barbs, stripped raphael catfish, numerous betta of all types, and some "sharks" of variety. I also would love it to be planted but with the leporinus i doubt it would stay that way. So I was opting for a cichlid style aquarium but the tank is about 8 inches deep leaving very little swimming room. I do have some spending money but would rather not spend it with college coming up. I would love to bring one of the leporinus (i would send them home if they got to big) and the african butterfly. Any ideas are appreciated. The tank currently is cycled and is running on the filter it came with sand bottom. But is empty as of now.

little hawaii
07-03-2010, 06:36 PM
Depending on how long you take to get there, you could keep you tank mostly alive. I have moved thanks 12 hours away empty but covered with poly and a few inches of water in them. I would lay thr filter material in it too, to keep it wet. Set it up and reload it. This is about the same as doing a huge water change IMO. Fish travel better in bags than containers, although I have used empty Folgers coffee containers with great results too. They are amazeing containers in that you can fill them with water and turn them completely upside down. No leaks and you can fill one with hot water to keep the others warm on cold trips. Not that you need that now. I am just thouroughly impressed with them. Folgers red container with black lid up here in Canada.

07-03-2010, 10:40 PM
Personally for stock, if it's only going to be a 5-10 gallon, don't take any fish that will outgrow that. It's kind of, I hate to be blunt, stupid. You'll have to ship the fish back which will stress it, and possibly kill it. It'll be cheaper and easier if you just take the fish that can go with you. Trust me, I'm a college student who transports fish very often. If I were you, I'd go with just the large betta and maybe when you get to school get a schooling fish if you take a ten gallon, or stick to just the betta if you want a 5 gallon. A betta is really easy to transfer, as it can go long times without oxygenated water, filter or heater. To transport mine I just returned him to the little cup he came with, and kept that in the cup holder in the car. If you want to transport more sensitive fish you should get a cooler and keep that filled with tank water, and get a battery powered mini generator to run a filter/heater/air stone if the trip is a long one. Maybe sure to acclimate them VERY well, as if you're going to a different city there will be a huge difference in water parameters.

On a personal note, I wouldn't take any fish that you REALLY like. I know it's tempting because they're your favorites you want to have them with you, but there's a decent chance of loosing them en-transit or from shock/stress from the different water. Also, becaue you'll be moving back and forth I'm assuming quite a bit... the smaller the tank, the happier you'll be. I have a 3 gallon and a 10 gallon, I've moved them both and it's amazing how much more of a pain it is to move the 10 gallon. The 3g is almost no work whatsoever, but you add 7 extra gallons, the extra fish, the extra decor and substrate and it becomes MISERABLE. Especially if your dorm doesn't have an elevator and you're on the 3rd floor.