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07-03-2010, 03:42 AM
So this is my new 30 gallon. It is cycling and right now it looks like this...

(Its really hard to take a cam picture on a laptop!)

So I was trying to make this into a more tropical/Amazon looking tank, but I just started keeping fish and I probably don't know the name of the cool looking plants and even fish that could go in there, even tough I'm reading a lot about it.

Right now I only have 2 pieces of bog root and an anubias nana attached to each one of them(The Anubias roots curled all over the driftwood, it was funny to notice!) And I was looking to have at least several plants with "large" leaves.

Also, is there any kind of leaf that I can sink to the bottom to give the tank a more natural look? Is there anything that I could do to make the tank look more natural overall?

Right now I have a 17w fluorescent light, but I'm hoping to update it to a 40w lamp and hood next week!

I'm also using Seachem Flourish in all my tanks...

Stocking will first be(If that makes any difference)
4 Panda Corys
4 Albino Corys
1 Female Betta

Thank you for any tips!

07-03-2010, 03:17 PM
You can sink oak or almond leaves if you want. As for plants swords, crypts, java ferns would all do nicely. Most of those are Asain but so is your betta so I dont think that was a concern for you. A trio of apistos would be cool in there.

07-03-2010, 04:59 PM
I'm not really concerned. I just wanted the "image" hehehe! My driftwood is Mopani(I think... The LFS calls it Bog Root), which I believe is from Africa, and well, I'm not sure where Anubias are originally from! Can anyone tell me?

The tank was supposed to be only for the Corys, but since they are getting along with my female Betta for quite some time, I think I'll move her too.

So far I have Amazon Sword, Anacharis and Pygmy Chain Swords that I can move from other tanks. But I don't how the swords will do in plain sand and a very low light.

Apistos are very beautiful, but they are Cichlids, right? My tank has very soft and somewhat acidic water. They need the opposite of that?

doug z
07-03-2010, 07:51 PM
I'm not sure where Anubias are originally from! Can anyone tell me?

The Anubias varietals are from Africa as well..

How big is the tank? Looks like a 55.. You'll want at least 1 wpg of light, unless you just want to stick to Java Moss and Java Fern, and some other low light species.. Swords won't do very well with less than 2 wpg..