View Full Version : Picture of my milaethean sea whip...

06-14-2010, 07:08 PM
out with the camera, and thought id treat the members with this little treat... My gorgonian sea whip..

Just to give you some idea of how hard it is to keep these, they are non-photosynthetic, non zoo-algae corals who need to suspend feed a massive amount of food. The flow has to be controlled and cant be linear, they have to have a lunar lighting cycle in place to ensure its survival, low water circulation so the food is suspended for the maximum amount of time, placement at a right angle relative to the flow current is essential. Get any of these wrong, hell die.

Doing well so far, and ive had him 2 months or so now..

Hope you like him!!!!


06-14-2010, 07:13 PM
Beautiful coral. I had no idea that they were that difficult to care for... but WOW. Sounds like one power outage away from heartbreak, you might want to consider a generator for your aquarium, because I'm sure that's not exactly an inexpensive piece. I wish you all the luck in the world though! :)


06-14-2010, 07:40 PM
theyre wild farmed only, and we very rarely see these in the uk if ever and really had to go for this one aggressively indeed and fought off alot of collectors.

Expensive?? Dont even ask....

06-14-2010, 11:24 PM
Very cool! It's beautiful!

06-15-2010, 08:20 AM
Yeah, time to invest in a generator. You should even consider one that's connected to the mains so if power goes out it automatically starts and provides power for your home. My father has a generator on his house like the one I'm describing and it runs on Natural Gas so it's always available. I don't think you need to go that hard core but at least a small one that can at least run all your aquarium stuff for as long as needed, petrol, diesel, natural gas, whatever works for you.