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05-20-2010, 06:13 PM
This isnt my pro but its the only way I can figure out how to get here and most of you may know the fish's info...... My ex's large male albino convict's face started swelling up yesturday, it started out with it looking like he had a really chubby cheek, now today the swelling in the cheek has gone down but its in his eye now. The eye is getting cloudy and looks like it's going to pop out... I think the Pacus bit him and may have left some teeth in his face but idk. His face is swelling up by his lips now and it looks like he cant close his mouth, what do I do before its too late? Please hurry, he has eggs.

05-20-2010, 07:43 PM
A few things. No need to post this in so many areas. At least try and get it in the area that matters, say disease or one of the cichlid areas.

Second, get rid of the pacu. If the stocking in your profile is correct, there is no way that is going to work more than a year or two, IMO anyway. You need to consider a bigger tank or less fish.

Aquarium 1:
150 gal south american cichlid tank 4 oscars (each get a little over a foot and are territorial), 2 sevrums (fairly peaceful, but still gets up to a foot), some convicts (as a snack for the pacu and clown??? move them. Once they start breeding they are likely to get themselves killed in that tank. They will pick a fight with anything.), a pacus (First, it is a PACU, Pacus would mena you have more than 1. this is a no brainer. its a 3 foot fish that eats anything), one clown knife (holy mama...another 3 foot fish, only this is a predator, and a mean one at that)... a green terror and 2 red devils all juviniles (fine in this setup as long as you get rid of the 3 footers and at least half the oscars). the tank has two canister filters. (Not enough for this stocking.)

this is just my opinion, but you need to really reconsider what you want, and what you are willing to do to keep these fish.

Looking at your other posts, that "convict" you have, may be a kissing gourami. Something to look into.