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05-02-2010, 02:14 PM
I hope Im posting this in the right place.

My family and I are new to taking care of fish and their tank. This past week we went out and got 2 goldfish, 1 is a normal gold one and the other is a black moor (demekin here in Japan). The tank is a 10 gallon (i know we need a bigger one) and the first 2 days the water was clear and everything looked great. Well yesterday we noticed the water getting cloudy. And today when we got home I noticed clear bubbles (looks like the kind kids play with) on top of the water..actually all over the top. We have a filter that does make bubbles in the tank. I am worried that it may hurt or harm the fish in some way. Do I need to put the fish in another tank, while I re-do this one? The ph has been staying around 7.5, which I heard was good for goldfish.
Is this dangerous for the fish at all?
What could be causing this?
Any advice or help would be grateful.

05-30-2010, 03:12 PM
Welcome to the fabulous AC!:22:
How did you cycle the tank?
Please read the ebook.There is a link below in my sig.I am sure it will help.
A liquid master test kit will be a huge help as well.

05-30-2010, 03:33 PM
since you say you are new to fishkeeping and the water in your tank has turned cloudy, i think it is fair to assume that you have not cycled your tank. cloudy water is common in a tank that i trying to cycle. you are right that you need a bigger tank for your goldfish. even if they are still small, they produce a lot of waste, much too much for a 10 gallon tank.

the bubbles could be from that waste collecting in the water. how often do you change out some of the water, and how much do you change?
since goldfish produce a lot of waste, there is probably too much ammonia in their water. this would cause them to produce more slime coat to help protect them from ammonia burn. this could also be the cause of the bubbles.
you could also be over feeding them. too much food = uneaten food. this could also be causing the bubbles. fish only need to be fed what they can eat in a couple of minutes. anything more is over feeding.

Lady Hobbs
05-30-2010, 04:07 PM
mommy1 is right on. That's a common goldfish that gets to be a foot long. I honestly would take those fish back to the store, cycle your tank and then get something more suitable to it's size.

05-31-2010, 01:02 AM
How long was your tank set before you got your goldfish?
I agree with the rest of the people on here that cloudiness is probably caused by the good bacteria trying to find a home in your tank and that starts out the nitrogen cycle. You may want to go back to the pet store and get a bacteria booster such as stresszyme by API. Add it according to directions on the bottle, right to your filter. You may want to also pick up a test master kit also by API. You are going to want to test your water for ammonia, (which is deadly), nitrites (also deadly), nitrates..(not as deadly and can be managed with regular water changes and gravel vacuuming.

While your goldfish are small, you can keep them in the 10 gallon tank but as they grow bigger in a few months you will want to upgrade to at least a 30 gallon! You can always use the 10 gallon as a hospital, quarantine tank later on.
As you test your water and see that ammonia appears on your test results you will want to do water changes either everyday or every other day until you see the levels drop off and nitrites to appear on your test results.
If nitrites appears and spike higher than 20ppm you will have to do more small water changes until they are zero and nitrates appear on the test results.
Feed your fish only once every other day while your tank is cycling and only what they can eat in 3 mins or less.
Good luck to you and I hope this helps some.:ssmile: