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04-12-2010, 11:38 PM
I'll preface this by saying that my boyfriend is supportive of my fish hobby ... but he does glaze over a bit when I talk about it. He's content with not involving himself, and really only thinks of "pets" as dogs and ferrets and hedgehogs.

So I called home today and spoke with him. I mentioned not to worry about cooking dinner, since I wanted to swing by the fish store, and maybe I could come pick him up and we could do the fish store and then dinner at the deli close by afterwards. Sounds good he says. So, I get home, grab him, and off we go. While driving he says "Is this a quick trip? I am pretty hungry." I say "Very quick trip ... I don't anticipate finding a betta fish I want .. I just want to see what they got."

"Ok" he says, "Do I have to go in?" I say "Yes, I wanthelp in looking at colors and whatnot."

I get The Face, but he says nothing other than "Ok".

So, we get there, and we're poking through all the betta cups. He looks disinterested, but at least is trying to help me find somebody green.

And then ...

"OH! WOW! Him! Look at him! I LIKE him! All those defined colors, and that neat tail. And look, he won't stop looking at me. He's watching everything I do ..."

It's a crowntail he's pointing at. I take the cup and the fish looks at me briefly and then goes back to play and stare at my boyfriend.

He continues. "Soooo ... I know you wanted green. Could you ... maybe ... you could set me up ...." he trails off to "play" with the crowntail.

"Set you up a tank? Yes, honey, I could. Let's go ahead and get this guy now and put him in my small tank ... and then we can take the time to set you up a desktop tank and get it cycled."

So, we purchase the fish and the other things we need. And then are faced witht he fact that we have a fish ... and we still need to go to the deli and eat. Nonplussed, he takes the cup with him into the restaurant, and we eat dinner with the fish. Said fish is keeping watch on everything the boyfriend does. Very alert and active fish.

As we finish dinner and starts playing with the fish again and says "Joker. His name is Joker. " and he nods firmly.

So, here's Joker in his cup.

http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/2836/joker1dj.th.jpg (http://img200.imageshack.us/i/joker1dj.jpg/)

http://img580.imageshack.us/img580/473/joker2u.th.jpg (http://img580.imageshack.us/i/joker2u.jpg/)

He's probably one of the smaller bettas I've seen, but also pretty spunky. I'll have more pics once's he's finished poking around the 5g.

04-12-2010, 11:43 PM
Nice looking betta!

04-13-2010, 03:20 AM
What a good looking betta. Sometimes we choose the fish and then other times the fish chooses us. Hopefully your new little friend will get your significant other more into the hobby. I actually had a pretty similar thing happen to me today as well.

I actually (ahem) got another betta. My boyfriend's the same way as yours. He accepts that I like fish, but he just half listens when I go into my talks. He even teases me for being a "fish nerd". Today though I asked him if we could go to a nearby fish store and he took an interest in the bettas. He found a nice veil with some clear and blood red fins. I picked the betta and he looked at me curiously and I told him " This is the first fish you've had interest in, I'm getting him, he's our betta" The boyfriend just smiled, called me a fish nerd, and gave me a kiss.

He showed a little more interest in him by the time we got to my house. He even told me I better make sure the betta lives a long time because it was a symbol of our love and if it died then it meant our love would die(he always says things like that to tease me). By the time I was setting him up in the tank he told me the betta's name was Shepard and that was that. It's a corny name, seeing as it's named after a video game character (Mass Effect 2) but I'm glad that he's finally at least showing some interest.

04-13-2010, 03:39 AM
Awesome!!! :ssmile:

Yeah, my boyfriend chose "Joker" because of the way the betta's marking made this stretchy "grin" around the underside of its jaw.

Joker is not my first choice for a fish ... I like them bigger and beefier.

His color, however, is fascinating. A gold head, a soft lavender body and purple and red tail, with a thin white edge on the outer edge of the tail. When he flares, his undergills are purple, which is really striking against that gold head.

The boyfriend has already chosen what he wants in the new tank, and where its going to be placed on his desk. Which is really amusing, since he'd said "Honey I don't think we can get any more fish tanks ..." after I bought the 10g. :hmm3grin2orange: He even has declared he wants to put a little mini-ping pong ball to float on the surface for Joker to play with. And he even wants to learn how to feed him ....

I'll finish getting all the pieces and parts tomorrow and set it all up. I can seed the filter, so it should be cycled in no time.

Once that is done, Joker will have his permanent home and the hunt for "Boris" (the betta I want) will continue :ssmile:

04-13-2010, 03:47 AM
He accepts that I like fish, but he just half listens when I go into my talks.

Just a little secret..... we usually are only half listening no matter what the subject :14: :hmm3grin2orange:

04-13-2010, 11:16 AM
Sounds like Joker and your boyfriend will have a great relationship.

Hubby half listens to me most of the time when I talk about whatever is going on in the tanks. If I mention there is a problem, he'll want it dealt with ASAP but if it's just daily stuff, he doesn't really care.

Now when we go to our LFS, he just about turns inside out, especially if they have a batch of little Geo's. Suddenly the conversation goes from "Ah-huh, yup, okay, that's nice..." to "Honey! Look! They have bunch of little JJ's!!!"

He never suggests we bring more home as he knows I'm not into the whole overstocking thing and would never tolerate it, but he does have his fish species that he likes. I don't know where his thing for Geo's came from. We had one a long time ago that we had to re-home along with all the other fish in the tank when we moved, but whatever. It works for him and he has his fish, so it's all good.