View Full Version : Dumb Hermit Crab Question

03-06-2010, 08:44 AM
Visiting various LFS and LPS, I've seen hermit crabs for sale on their own, generally in some sort of small goldfish bowl style setup. It also seems like they're not fully aquatic. Are these the same sort of hermit crabs that're used as CUCs in saltwater tanks? Do hermit crabs in general require a fully aquatic environment with a particular salt water setup to live, or what? My wife would absolutely murder me if I tried to set up a SW tank, but keeping a hermit in a small little setup I could get away with, and they're so damn cool.

03-06-2010, 10:02 AM
from what I understand there are 2 different types of hermits, there are the ones that need dry land, these where popular a few years ago, with special tanks for them with like swiming pools in them.

Or the cuc type that are fully aquatic never leave the water, great algei or anything else eaters, but need s/w

would be cool a small say 10 g tank, with some live rock, to work as filtration, a power unit for flow, id recomend good lighting so you could keep some corals


03-06-2010, 02:07 PM
Yeah, no way I can swing a lighting rig for even a 10 right now, if I were to actually go fully aquatic with the setup I would just go with a couple pieces of LR and a couple of hermit crabs/snails. I was curious if the land/water types that were really popular were the same species as I have a small 5gish acrylic tank that'd be perfect for a little mini-tide pool gig. If I did the 10 setup, it'd be on a budget of about thirty or forty bucks for a small powerhead and a couple pieces of rock and some sand, I've got an extra ten with a light/hood.

I love having inverts in my FW tank, and my shrimp have always been a very hit or miss proposition, so it seems like the alternative is to get a little SW invert tank and just accept the fact that FW shrimp don't seem to do well in the local water.