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04-16-2006, 12:57 PM
Okay..I have posted here a few times already so maybe now it is time to introduce myself! Hope I don't get too long winded!
Our fishtravaganza began with my 4 yr old purchasing a 5 gal eclipse tank with her bday money. When her mollies had babies it was time to get out the OLD 10gal from the shed from my 10 yr olds stint with her killer goldfish. Then my girlfriend lost her father and he had a 90gal, 64gal, and 20gal long his girlfriend sold to us. The 90 gal became home to Bubba & Gump (oscars) and JD (a texas cichlid who hubby mistook for a jack dempsey). The 64 gal became a community tank for me and started with the girls buying platy's and various tetras and danios. Then I purchased Missy, my dwarf puffer for the snail population (was sold to me as a community fish) and another 10 gal was born to put Missy in when she started munching all of the fins! Hubby bought me a 29 gal for my birthday in March which has a pair of kribensis and 3 german blue rams. The 20 gal long was added to the 29 gal stand to house the breeding platy's and some of the tetras. Then hubby bought a 75 gal to go on the bottom of the 90 stand (you all know these double stands look so bare with only 1 tank on them!!!) and he started an african cichlid community. Various fish have been purchased and now we have 7 tanks in our little 3 bedroom ranch spiking my electric bill for me.
5 gal--neon tetras
10 gal--dwarf puffer, 3 dwarf frogs, 1 oto, 2 ghost shrimp
20 gal--9 platy's (6 are babies), 3 gold tetras, 2 glolite tetras and currently holding my 2 dwarf gourami's (1 flame, 1 powder blue) until I can move them to community tank.
29 gal--1 pair kribensis, 1 male 2 female german blue rams
64 gal--1 bronze cory, 1 albino cory, 2 orange lazer cory's ( I now know they should have several of each to be happy, but they have adjusted and are quite a sight together!), 2 clown loaches, 2 white skirt tetras, 1 rummynose tetra, 1 bolivian ram, 2 honey gourami's and 3 danios. My sparkling gourami's will be in next week! The dwarf gourami's will try out this tank once the honey's are grown up a little since they are still babies.
75 gal--african cichlids, not sure of all of the names but know demasoni, bumblebee, kenyi, yellow lab
90 gal--oscars Bubba & Gump, texas cichlid, JD, and girlfriends pleco who got way too big for her 55 gal (imagine that!)

We also have a newfoundland, Marley, a boxer, Teal'c, a golden retriever, Naya
10 yr old daughter has a pair of breeding chinese hamsters
4 yr old has a teddy bear hamster.

My life would be full enough will all of this but I also babysit all day (just my nieces right now with my daughter), bartend 2 nights a week at the local American Legion Post, every other weekend at the local VFW post. I am the vice president of the auxiliary in charge of membership at the American Legion and I clean with my girlfriend at Step 2 three nights a week. We have a permanent campsite with a 35 foot camper at Woodside Lake Park and spend as much time there in the summer as we can, plus have a 28 foot diameter pool in our backyard. My kids love to swim! Life is good!

04-16-2006, 01:33 PM
cool. welcome.you will have fun here,but you know that ,by now. i now know more about you than i know about myself!!

04-16-2006, 06:51 PM
Welcome and mayd I say nice introduction.

04-21-2006, 01:40 PM
Kimmers318, do you have pictures of your Boxer? I also have a Boxer named Buster, he is the best dog ever (no bias of course :D ). He is more like a person and goes with me everywhere.