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02-20-2010, 06:10 AM
hi all, ive just transfered my fish to a new 60 liter rectangle tank, its a grand step up from there former hotel!!!!!!!!! at the moment i have 8 neons, 6 zebra danios, and my fav 1 brittlenose cat. i hope to get a few feature fish as well maybe some 3 spoted gouramis? i have a filter that does 800 liters per hour and the water flow is quite high for my poor neons ( the filters on the lowest setting) so i put a clean 2 glass jars in there for them and its so qute to see them all gathered in it to have a rest but dont worry there are lots of spots for them to just hang. my danios love the fast water flow at the surface, they come up to body surf, they seem to really enjoy it and its the funniest thing to watch. it looks fab, my son and i collected drift wood, shells and rocks from the beach and i can see that ive started the aquarium bug in him too, just wait till he sees the 1260 liter up and running.lol. thats how i got started my dad had a 10 foot tank and ive had the bug ever since!!!!!!!!!lol. the plants are only plastic but they are very cool looking. i also have some fake fish that bob around, its funny that is what my cat is the most interested in her couldnt care less about the real fish but the fake ones seem to fasinate her??
once again im very sorry that i still dont have a camera yet, i will get 1 at some point, even if its just to prove how fab my tanks are!! well thats all for now but im setting uo a betta tank to and i still have my 30 liter hex and the 1260 liter to repair and dream about!lol im gonna spend the rest of my life cleaning tanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol:hmm3grin2orange: