View Full Version : Shrimp Survival out of Water?

01-29-2010, 07:57 AM
So, Hor'Douerve the Amano shrimp, after having his nightly snack ... decided to shimmy his way out of the tank at some point.

I'm not sure how long, but I just noticed that I couldn't even see him in the cave.

A quick look around, and I found him on the floor behind the aquarium.

For all intents and purposes, he looked dead. But I went ahead adn got a bowl of water, added some Prime, and scooped him in.

After around 60 seconds, I actually saw him wriggling a small bit.

So I'm wondering, how long can these buggers survive out of water?

I'm still not sure he's going to make it, but it got me curious.

01-29-2010, 08:25 AM
I remember emptying a bag of ghost shrimp into a 55g, then later that day finding one in the bag with no water. Put it into the tank and it was up and running. So I think your guy has a shot at being alright. When startled they can jump all over the place. May want to put a top over that tank.

01-29-2010, 03:50 PM
As long as they have some water internally, I think a lot of the common shrimp we keep can survive a day, maybe two in the right conditions. Some a lot less, some a bit more.

01-29-2010, 07:46 PM
Unfortunately, he didn't survive the night. Never bounced back once I had him in QT water.

Did more extensive reading and it appears Amano shrimp, moreso than other shrimp, really really like to go carpet diving and tank-escaping.

Will do more research on shrimp breeds, their likelihood / skill for escaping ... and try to figure out a way to reconcile a shrimp's desire to boot-scoot on the floor (thus needing a closed tank system) against my frogbit really wanting an open air system.

01-29-2010, 07:50 PM
Could set up an airpump. Close the tank off, except for two small holes. Put airline tubing through one hole, and set it up with a valve on low. Gets regular fresh air in there, but doesn't let shrimp out.

01-29-2010, 07:53 PM

I like that idea. A lot!

01-29-2010, 08:15 PM
Thats the best, most shrimp will jump, as I think most of us have had the pleasue trying to get ghost shrimp out of water.

01-30-2010, 04:11 AM
I wish my Wood Shrimp jumped. I've been trying to get my big female out of a hollow decoration for the past six hours.