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04-14-2006, 03:32 PM
I have a 55 gal and would like to change the trim from brown to black. Have any of you done this before or does anyone know how to do it properly? The only reason I want to do it is we are in a new home and black is better than brown here. Purely aesthetic reasons. Thanks.

04-14-2006, 05:11 PM
how is your tank designed? Is the trims there as a decoration or do they have a suporting function?

04-15-2006, 12:32 AM
you might alos damage the tank while taking it off so be careful if you really want to take it off i tried it with my granpa and we kinda smshed the aquaium up a bit lol

04-17-2006, 03:23 AM
It is purely aesthetic. I don't think it has a structural function.

04-17-2006, 04:18 AM
In that case you can just remove the old one and replace them making sure you don't damage the integrity of the tank itself.

04-17-2006, 07:02 PM
I have looked for new trim. Any ideas where I could purchase some? I called a local aquarium builder/mantainer and he said he had none because he doesn't build glass tanks anymore.

04-17-2006, 07:18 PM
Which material are you looking for.

04-18-2006, 01:15 AM
Around the top edge of my tank there is a brown(wood like) trim. Looks as thouigh it is attached with some sort of sticky substance. I would like to make it the glossy black. Where would I find the black glossy trim and how would I attach it. Should I just epoxy it over the brown or try to remove the brown first?

04-18-2006, 01:16 AM
P.S. I know this is the wrong tread but I am enjoying reading your blog William.

04-18-2006, 02:39 AM
First of all thanks. I hope to get the time to post something new in it soon. Spend to much time in the forum;-)

You could make a trim out of wood and spray it black and then use silicon to attach it to the tank. I suspect that you can find ready trims that just need to be painted in any home depot. ( granted what you'll find would not be made for aquariums but would serve the purpose nicely)

You can use a razorblade to rmove the old trim without risken damaging the integrity of the tank.