View Full Version : Calico Fantail with badly wounded anal fins

11-19-2009, 09:06 PM
Ok so as I said in the other post I bought these 3 new goldfish when i upgraded the tank. Anyway besides the Oranda mix that went up to heaven yesterday after being stuck in the filter; in the batch was a fantail calico. Now at the LFS I thought I observed these fish properly but evidently I didnt now I am paying the price.

The thing is they keep them in these massive open top tank pond things ( I bought them there as they have the widest selection of goldfish and yes the cheapest what can I say I am a student). These pond tanks are packed with goldies sadly and I am sure this accounts for the torture I saw in there. I tried to not take fish out of what looked like the worst hit pond tank but I should have thought about it as the water from all the tanks mix in the back anyway. Impulsively I landed up with sick goldies.

I treated my tank when i returned with tretra gold med (I think thats the term) and besides the Oranda mix that died, the others seem fine. But i noticed this calico fantail has a badly damaged anal fin with one bit of red in it and some cotton will growth.

The thing is since I have treated the tank with the gold med should I just follow the instructions on that bottle as it deals with fin rot as well as cotton will growths and not panic about him as he is eating and swimming around ( I recently treated a butterfly koi from my pond with it and he recovered within 10 days). Or what should i do? Besides of course never buying goldfish from there again,.