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11-15-2009, 05:46 PM
I've never really had much problems with fish before, but these black moors are gonna be the death of me.

I never knew before that goldfish needed so much room. I used to keep a black moor and a common feeder together in a 5 gallon in front of my window, they were healthy, lively and I never had any problems with them. I introduced snails and had no problems, besides population control[I'd just scrape the clutches of eggs off the sides of the tank before they could hatch]. I even introduced a freshwater mussel, I thought he was dead because I never saw him. When I moved I left them behind and my mother moved them to a 10 gal tank. she told me she found the mussel and he was alive, opening and closing and everything. they were doing good in the new tank for awhile, she even sent me videos. then they did something terrible, ... my sister won a goldfish at our local strawberry festival and my mother put the little thing in with my guys. the new fish was dead the next day, and after that all I head was that my fish were getting worse and worse and looked like they were bleeding. after they died, along with EVERYTHING[snails and mussels] else in the tank my mother was told by the local petstore owner that it sounded like Viral sepsis.

Now, about 2 years later, my grandmother bought me a black moor and a little tank for my birthday. Even then I didn't know I needed a much larger tank, she got me a 1 or 1.5 gallon and a tiny little moor. he was doing good for a while til about 2 weeks ago. first he got cloudy eyes and started acting lazy, I took everything out of the tank[in case he was scrapping his little eyes on the decorative rocks] and swapped the crappy under-gravel/air stone system for a brand new little filter, I also did a large water change.
his eyes only got worse, I bought some anti-bacterial drops and his eyes started to clear up, then got worse again and he developed a raised white patch on his side. Not large, kinda faint and then it got thicker white but didn't spread. At the times when his eyes were alittle bit better I could see where there was a thick black discoloration where the white had receded a little bit, and it's more prominent now.

after doing some research online I went and bought a 20 gallon tank about 2 days ago and got Lifeguard all-in-one treatment made by Jungle. The white 'cloud' on his eyes and the spot on his side are still there and still thick white but look smaller and I can see black on the eye where white used to be.

Wondering if it's a fungal infection[looks like the illustrations on the back of the box of Lifeguard], how long it will take to clear up and if the black is from the other infection or a separate problem and if it will fade?

here are some pictures, sorry for the bad cam quality...



Any Ideas? PLEASE HELP. :help: