View Full Version : cant shake algae

10-13-2009, 09:18 PM
So I have had this algae pretty much ever since I got my fish in my aquarium. I have a 10gal planted tank (3 small amazon swords, anubias nana and java fern) and I have 6 tetras and 3 otos.

The algae is brown and thread like. It grows in strands but then bunches up into what looks like moss or balls of hair (maybe thread or hair algae... I dont know). When I try to clean it out, it is like goo. I will grab at it and there is not much substance to it. When it comes out of the water its just a sticky mess. It started mainly on one plant but has spread to my other plants, my driftwood and now grows all over the gravel. I also use excel... which does not seem to make a difference.

So for about two months now I have been scooping it out the best I can (some still sticks, especially to the gravel and plant leaves). In a week's time it has grown back to a monster again. From time to time a thread of it will get caught on a fish. The otos ignore it completely.

Anyway, it has become a HUGE nuisance. I just want to get it under control. I am worried that I wont be able to transfer my fish/plants to a new aquarium because they will infect it with the algae.

One interesting thing to note is that the water where I live causes algae to grow in the toilet rather quickly. Maybe this has something to do with the algae growth?

I am about ready to be an algaecide or something. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks