View Full Version : Algae removal on wood and lava rocks

09-15-2009, 08:34 PM

I just recently bought some used mopani wood and rocks and it appears that the previous owner had some major problems with algae in their tank. They had decommissioned their tank about 2 years ago. The wood seems to be caked over in green and it quite possibly could have been cyano bacteria from the coloration. The rocks seem to be some kind of porous lava rock and are also dark green looking. I havent attempted to clean any of it off yet but was wondering if there are any suggestions as to how to completely clean off the green from these items? I thought about boiling it but I dont have anything big enough to drop the individual pieces into. Also is there any risk to just simply dropping it into my tank as is? Will the dried algae be able to cause new algae or cyano and any possibility of bacteria or virus etc being carried on it? Also, and this is probably a stupid question, there were lots of dead snail shells on the items... any possibility that eggs for pond snails go dormant when taken out of water?


09-15-2009, 11:46 PM
Give it a bleach dip(1:20 bleach to water) for 10 -15 minutes, rinse a few times and then soak in dechlorinated water. That should kill everything while also loosening it up. Then you can try hosing it down with a garden hose and pressure attachment. Hopefully that will get it all off.

But everything should be dead and shouldn't cause you any problems.