View Full Version : possibly shocked/sick betta...

03-30-2007, 09:33 PM
my heinrich is in need of help! i was changing his water yesterday unfortunately he jumped out of the cup and onto the floor. i freaked out and scooped him up with my hands only to have him jump out again. :( i managed to get him set up and he was fine when i left work. i came back today and he's only hanging out in the bottom of his tank and on his side at that. he swims around in bursts but always comes back to the bottom. i got some bettafix just to be on the safe side but i am SO worried about him!!! usually he hangs out and does a happy dance right in front of me when i come up to the glass. does anyone out there have any suggestions? i don't want to lose him!

03-31-2007, 03:10 AM
I take it your betta is in a non filtered home of some kind which is why you removed him and put him in a cup.
I would imagine, just like you or I, it hurts like hell to take a fall....not once, but twice and he is feeling a little bruised. As long as there wasn't any internal damage, and there really is no way to tell as far as I know try to give him some time to heal a little. Some extra stress coat in his water might help the aggravation he could be feeling on his skin. Other than that it will probably just take time. Don't knock yourself on the head though....he isn't the first betta to jump! Next time cover his cup