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09-03-2009, 04:38 PM
Hi, my name is silver and my best buddy is named "blue" the rescue team. He saved my heart from being broken before, and now he is in serious trouble...he started growing what I am pretty convinced after hoursand days of research, a tumor, months ago. it was on his right side...well very recently, this week, it grew too large and now he has trouble swimming right..also, his scales are pineconing from both sides of him, and I am on my l5th day of treating with Maracyn 2 for dropsy. he is still pineconed, but eating (cooked pea today!) and he swims around some, but it is so uncomfortable, he mostly rests at the surface on his castle where he is comfortable. ok...so..I can't find hardly anything at all about fish with tumors that are from the INside...it started about between his belly and his swim bladder( so not his stomach) maybe where his liver and kidney's are. I read one article of a lady who has a betta that looks just like my sweetie, and they lanced the thing...which scares me to death, but I am ready to try anything to help my buddy! here is a link to the page where the article is..http://www.fishpondinfo.com/fishcare/tumorphoto.htm#tumor
the first photo on the top left is what my sweetie looks like, accept now he has the pinecone thing going, but I swear he eats and is still trying to make it...I need help here. I already bought a hospital tank and it is cycling...getting ready to take action but I am not a vet and have no experience..my husband said he'll do it, I'm just afraid we'll poke an organ in the process of lancing...also, anyone have experience putting a fish under with clove oil? any advice?

09-03-2009, 04:42 PM
Wow! Sorry to hear about your fish!
Here is some info on dropsy.

Here is some info on tumors.

It doesn't sound to good for your fish.
I don't know if lancing it will help the fish or put it through so much pain that it passes.
I know that you want to use the clove oil but that may just be best to help put it down.
Sorry if that sounds mean but with dropsy and a tumor,chances are very low.