View Full Version : Snail Way Back Inside Of Shell

08-28-2009, 08:37 PM
I bought a blue and a gold Mystery snail today from a good fish store. Clean tanks, healthy fish, well stocked supply shelves, people who can ID fish without name cards, nicely kept place- all like that.

Many of their snails were pulled way back into their shells. I mean, door (operculum) and the whole foot were pulled back so as to leave a vacant space between the door and the opening (mantle) of the shell. The fish store said, "Some of them do that sometimes. It's normal. They're fine."

What say you, mighty AC?

08-31-2009, 08:20 PM
A few hours after posting, the snail came out. Both seem to be doing well and are quite active.

Wild Turkey
08-31-2009, 08:47 PM
Something spooked them, maybe recent acclimation, or something they are doing in the system. Most pet stores add salt to their systems, that could also be it.

Its a sign of stress, in my mystery tanks (when i had them) even when they slept/rested they didnt fully retreat into their shells. Bad conditions or other stress will cause this though.

Were there fish in the tank?

08-31-2009, 09:25 PM
They may be hiding in their shell to make sure there is no predators in their new world to fear!
Are There? lol

09-01-2009, 02:55 AM
The pet store had just got them in a day prior to me buying them and yes, they had a few guppies in their tank.

The 10 gallon we are housing them in has just the two Mystery and a Rams Horn. We want to see how big we can grow a Rams Horn.

The snails have not retreated into their shells like that since coming out.

We didn't want to mess with 'em too much when they were new. Is the operculum attached to the shell or the foot of the snail. From the one I had before, I sure though it was attached to the shell. The way these were so pulled in, it seems like it may be attached to the foot or it can swing in/up/back a lot further than I thought.

Oh, and about the big one I posted a shell of, two pet stores gave me the :sconfused: look and one said that particular kind may be banned from sale in Texas because it's an invasive nuisance.