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Names: Brilliant Rasbora, Red Tail Rasbora, or Rasbora Borapetensis.
Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons for 6 fish. But, go larger for a larger group.
Temperament: A very peaceful schooling species that is easily bullied.
Origins: South Asia

The Fish: First in this article I will refer to them as Red Tail Rasboras. Red Tail Rasboras are a small species of streamlined fish. They have a black and gold band running the length of their body. Their tail can become entirely red when under good conditions. When stressed the red becomes faded or disappears. This is an easy way to tell if it is stressed.

The Tank: This is just a tank you would want for Red Tail Rasboras to look their best. This is also a breeding set-up. You want a tank of at least 20-30 gallons. That way you can have a nice sized school. Your Red Tail Rasboras look best against a dark substrate. The Rasboras will look best with diffused lighting. You can do this by adding floating plants. Red Tail Rasboras prefer a well planted tank. Make sure to leave some open swimming spaces.

Breeding and Sexing: First off breeding Red Tail Rasboras is difficult. You want the tank to be set-up as it says above. The water should be soft. Make sure there are plenty of grassy and fine leafed plants in the tank as they spawn over plants. These plants provide a place for the eggs and fry to hide. The eggs hatch within 24-28 hours. The fry is free swimming in 3-5 days. You can feed the fry Infusoria, roftiers, and liquid foods. The adults can be fed flakes, insect larvae, tubifex, and Drosophila. Female Rasboras tend to be longer and plumper than males.

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