View Full Version : Daisy Coral

08-12-2009, 09:32 PM
i have a peice of Daisy Coral i bought from a local SW fish store and i have it setup perched on some live rock in my tank its a 32 gallon tank with crushed coral substrate 30lbs of live rock and about 10lbs of white rock as a base i got a really nice protein skimmer and a good tetra whisper 45 filtration system and 2 water jets pushing the water and i got a Orange Toad Fish in there and the guy at the petstore told me the fish would eat the coral but i bought some anyways and decided to take my chances and it seems to be doin just fine i got the proper blue light and white light and ive bin feeding it twice a week some lil things that come in frozen cubes called cyclops i use an eye dropper and just squirt a bunch near it but sometimes the toad fish swims near it and kinda brushes against it and it kinda closes up like it does at night is that bad for it ? will it die eventually from doin this?
any help will be appreaciated.