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07-26-2009, 02:08 AM
one of my tanks has medium to large, about 1/4" or smaller size gravel substrate that is constantly developing algae on it. I've tried vacuuming it after stirring it up, that gets rid of some but not all. It keeps coming back and is pretty unsightly. I'm pretty sure its blue green algae, since it has a somewhat blue tint to it. Doesn't show up anywhere but on the substrate in one corner of the tank. The tank is not exposed to any sunlight and is lit by two standard 36" flourescent shoplights. Haven't tested in the last few days but typically my trite/trate levels are low and quite stable in this tank. I have cut down my lighting hours and even did a couple days dark period when i first noticed and tried to clean the algae.

I've tried putting a BN pleco in once and it was killed in about 3 days by the GT in the tank. It's only a 50 gal so a larger pleco that might be able to fend for itself really isnt an option. The GT is only about 4 and a half inches but it really lives up to its name and tries to kill anything i put in there. Tried rehoming him, because a tank with 1 fish isn't that entertaining but he came back to me. Ok anyway, enough about the GT, the real question is any suggestions about stopping algae from forming on the substrate without chemicals?

07-26-2009, 02:43 AM
The best I could think of is divide the tank, and add a BN to the side with the algae. Then the BN stays happy for the time it's in the tank, and the GT doesn't kill it, simply because it can't. Then, find someone like an lfs to take in the BN, and that solves your problem. Or, you can(if you have another tank) put the BN in a different tank instead of getting rid of him, in case you ever need to use him again.

07-26-2009, 03:04 AM
Ah, not a bad idea, might be difficult to divide since its heavily planted, but im sure i can figure that out. I have plenty of other tanks, and usually use oto's for cleaning crews. unfortunately none of my LFS's will take the GT, even the one i do a lot of work for lol. Within a 45 minute or more drive from me there's only one non corporate store. I've tried rehoming him on craigslist, but he beat the heck out of a managuense over twice his size, which makes no sense to me, but hes freaking mean so the guy brought him back to me. I don't even wanna think about how bad he'll be full grown. I've kept GT's for about 15 years now and never seen one this nuts. He's an exceptionally good looking GT tho at least hehe.

07-26-2009, 04:00 AM
True, GTs can be very aggressive, or even passive, it depends on the fish. Most of the time they are aggressive, but the rare few are peaceful...If it is heavily planted, then just find a place where the plants clear on the algae side, and divide it there, as the BN won't need too much room as long as it has the algae and a little bit of swimming room, as it's most likely going to be spending most of its time on the glass anyways, and won't need too much space on the bottom.