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07-16-2009, 07:42 PM
I acquired this tank for $5 a few days back and decided to track my progress as I've never done any type of aquarium refurb before. It's a 30? gallon, I'm guessing from the '70s or so. When I first filled it after a day it still was leaking in one corner. Apparently sometimes the tanks "reseal" after being filled with water for a while...but I decided to just reseal the thing because I really had no place to let it leak itself out (the outside of the house is pretty busy).

As you can see in the pictures, the old tar-like seal wasn't in all that great shape and was clogged with old gravel in places. I took most of the old stuff out with a razor blade the other day and will probably finish up tomorrow.

Then comes the resealing...I read, conflictingly, that silicone does and does not adhere to slate. Apparently washing with dishsoap will remove any oily residue and will help the silicone adhere? Anyhow, it's worth a shot. I've got DAP aquarium grade silicone for when the time comes.

Any suggestions on resealing this thing?

10-08-2009, 11:29 AM
i have three of these tanks and have been kinda collecting them the only good way to seal the bottom Ive found is to get a peice of glass from the hardware store cut it to the bottom size and silicone on top of that.

07-13-2010, 02:02 PM
I've had this tank for a while now - cleaned it up, removed the old cracked tar sealent and attempted to reseal it with silicon whenever the weather was right for outdoors work this past year.

I have really been looking forward to setting this tank up in place of my eclipse 12 kit, but the aquarium still leaks in one corner. Is my only option resealing the whole tank?

Also, are there any recommended aquarium sealants to use?

07-13-2010, 02:09 PM
That is a sweet tank!
I like the idea of af adding a bottom pane of glass to effectively silicone to.
I am not sure if what was used toseal that tank originally is still available.
Silicone must be applied all at once to seal the inside prioperly as silicone will not adhere to itself.
Here is a thread I made last yr that may help.
I usr only GE Silicone I 100% rubber silicone for any projects that i do.I have heard of the Dap brand stuff but have never used it on an aquarium.

07-13-2010, 04:00 PM
Thanks for the thread link - I guess I'll have to scrape the tank down and do it over. Can this GE Silicone be purchased at the general big box home improvement store?

09-30-2010, 03:43 PM
These old aquariums are very easy to fix just place the tank in the sink fill with hot water and the tar will melt and reseal itself. It really works and its almost free. thumbs2:

09-30-2010, 04:30 PM
the silicone wont hold to the slate but for you to find one with the slate is awesome, I found a 15g metaframe last summer on the curb, slate was already replaced with glass but still has the wallpaper glued on type late 60's LSD background on it.

Im trying to find slate to restore it, I have the tar sealant already.

03-17-2011, 06:35 PM
Just bought a 55 gallon Metaframe with the slate bottom. $30 with stand. Testing for leaks right now.