View Full Version : Are my Triops Molting or stuck in snail slime?

07-16-2009, 05:00 AM
Hey guys I just started my first personal tank about 8-9 days ago. I have a few Triop longicaudatus, a few brine shrimp (sea monkeys I believe they are) that came with the triops, and 2 Golden mystery snails. The triops are still very small about 4-5 days old. The snails are about the size of a nickel.

lol anyways to the point I noticed a few of my triops would mess with the snails and at first I thought it was pretty funny. Then later today I saw about 3 of the triops with some stuff hanging off their tails, maybe snail slime...? and looked like they are pretty stressed out.

Any advice? I would appreciate it and thanks :]

Little Embers
07-16-2009, 12:27 PM
WELCOME!! :ssmile:

I'm not sure, but I found this article that may help:

Being arthropods, triops need to shed their exoskeleton in order to grow. They do this multiple times a day when they're young and less frequently as they age. After about two weeks they moult about every one or two days. Watching a triops moult is an amazing thing. They begin with a series of "situps" to stretch the old skin and loosen it up, then they swim into the open water, pop the carapace, and in a matter of seconds leap out of the old skin leaving it perfectly intact other than their exit point.

I mention this in the care section for two reasons. First, jumping out of your skin is not an easy thing to do. If complications occur, a triops can die while trying to moult. They become literally trapped in the older skin. Unable to move their legs enough to adequately breathe, they become weakened and stressed and eventually die. It's unusual, but it does happen. Even when it goes right, the triops will swim around looking as though it just experienced a very rough night for 15 minutes or so afterwards while it stretches the new skin and gets its bearings. Although it looks quite dire, this is normal behavior. Triops are, however, very susceptible to injury while their skin is soft and might be attacked by another triops, snail or simply suffer a fatal injury during this vulnerable period.
Extract taken from http://mytriops.com/articles/triops_care.stm