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07-08-2009, 07:55 PM
Wayyyy down.

I used to have countless bettas.. almost all rescues with 4 or so being some nice guys/gals I treated myself to from my lfs.

I bred a nice dt male and ct female together, with the fry dieing 2 weeks later from the heater dying in the night.

The next time, I bred them again.
I remember my mom and dad being doubtful about anything happening.. besides, who needs another possible 1 or 2 hundred fish laying around? :hmm3grin2orange:

So when I woke up 2 days after they had been introduced, they were embracing under the largest bubble nest I had ever seen. I screamed "they're doing it!"
My mom came running yelling "no way!"
So we watched them for half an hour and let them do their thing..

The eggs hatched when I was in Ottawa on a school trip, living in a dorm.
My mom called me at night and told me they had just started hatching (I think I've trained my parents well!) I told her what to feed, when to, how much of the food to feed etc. My mom was an expert at feeding boiled egg yolk to my guppy, molly, and platty fry.. she had this part down flat. My parents even went to our lfs.. to brag! Don't get my wrong.. my dad has always had a 10g tank going.. but my parents aren't really die-hard fish fans... so this was a good sign.

So I came home 3 days later to find 50 or so little guys.

I ended up with a losing battle of ich that took all of their little lives within 2 weeks.

Stupid me never took pics.

I know I have pics of the female when she was so huge.. and the male.
I KNOW I have to have a video or two of them embracing.. but they're on another camera card from our old camera.

Since then.. as I have not purchased/rescued any more bettas in the past 2 or 3 years.

Well, I'm down to one male.. a rescue who I believe is around 2 and a half.
All my guys, the whole gang of them, have since died of old age or a disease they were too weak to fight.

I want to get more again// successfully breed.. but I can't. We are going away for just under 2 weeks in August. We go away on weekends camping..

Sure, it's easy for my grandma just to drop a few pellets in a tank... but with a couple hundred, plus my 30g, two 10's, 5.5, and a 2.5 , the lady has a hard time :D

Not to mention my pack of dogs, cat, and guinea pig.

Sometimes I wish you could just raise bettas as a community fish. :yellowcry:

*If a mod could fix my spelling mistake in the title.. thanks :)*

07-08-2009, 07:59 PM
I do sometimes wish bettas were community fish. They are so elegant and graceful, but you just can't keep them with many other fish.

07-08-2009, 08:10 PM
And it's a shame you have to raise them in a million cups/jars before you can actually sell any :goldfish: