View Full Version : i know very little about my L387, any input would be great...

06-08-2009, 06:41 PM
i am interested in any information at all about this fish. i have not found anything about them, and what i did learn was in passing.

he is very small, only 1 1/4". i currently have him housed in a 10-gallon. the man at the fish store, a good store, suggested it to me when i asked for something for my 10. ive gotten some feedback that this is too small a tank for him. i really do want to be good to my fish, and give them adequate space. it was recommended to me by an employee of a trusted store. i was told that it would remain small. i feel that the tank he is in now is fine, at least for now. i do have other options for this fish down the road. i am currently cycling a 29 and will soon start cycling a 20. any info or feedback would be helpful

06-08-2009, 07:14 PM
Congrats on the new small little guy :11:

He will max out at 4.7" and has a soft spot for frozen or live foods but needs his veggies now and again...he will not nibble on any live plants you have if his belly is kept full. He will ignore algae pretty much but he sure is a little beauty to look at. If he has 12 square inches he will happily use this as his territory....so allow him at least that much space


06-08-2009, 08:32 PM
it will likely be at least a month before i can move him to the 29. thanks for the help. it sounds like he will be alright for now, but ideally moved to something a little larger. i think he is adjusting to his new home because he is out more often now. i did not see him much at all for the first week.

i am told that he will have an orange color to him