View Full Version : Genus Overview: The Apolemichthys Genus

06-07-2009, 08:10 PM
Containing 9 species, the Apolemichthys genus is the third smallest genus in the family with many of the species being rare in the wild. This genus of Angels is not extremely common in the aquarium trade, and for a couple of good reasons. First of all, and most importantly, most members of the Apolemichthys genus are virtually impossible to fed for any length of time in captivity due to their specialized diets. The most popular member of this genus is A. trimaculatus Flagfin Angelfish (aka Threespot Angelfish) however it's diet is consistent with most members of the genus. The Flagfin Angel is a sponge eater that rarely adapts to to eating captive foods, and most starve within a few weeks of being introduced. For this reason, many of these fish simply cannot be recommended for the hobby.

Second reason, they are very rare. Many of these fish are rare in the wild, and as such as many as possible need to be left in the wild.

The only 2 members of this genus that can be recommended for the hobby, are A. xanthurus Indian Yellowtail Angelfish, and A. xanthotis Yellow-ear Angelfish. Both of these species have diets that are suitable for hobbyists to maintain, and both reach a length of only 20cm.

Members of the Apolemichthys genus:
Apolemichthys arcuatus Banded Angelfish
Apolemichthys armitagei Armitage Angelfish
Apolemichthys griffisi Griffis Angelfish
Apolemichthys guezei Reunion Angelfish
Apolemichthys kingi Tiger Angelfish
Apolemichthys trimaculatus Threespot Angelfish (aka Flagfin Angelfish)
Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus Goldspotted Angelfish
Apolemichthys xanthotis Yellow-ear Angelfish
Apolemichthys xanthurus Yellowtail Angelfish