View Full Version : saltwater beginner need help

03-03-2006, 12:20 AM
i am a beginner in the saltwater tank it is about four months old ive got live rock 3 different frogspawns an emerald crab and 2 clowns i bought an angel fish and withen 3 weeks he was dead never looked bad at all everything else was fine my levels are fine so i waited about a week and bought a spiney box fish man what a cool fish well any way he used to eat outa my hand and he just stoped eating 1 day and the follwing day i noticed he had been breathing real heavy and also he had stoped eating the next day he was belly up im haveing a hard time with the local fish stores couse all they wanna do is sell me medication for the tank i guess i just need some experenced help and answers so if possible i would apreashate it thank you mike