View Full Version : new tank!?

03-01-2006, 06:29 PM
Hello, i'm setting up a new tank an was just hoping for some advice/ opinions. I have a 'L' shaped tank which is 3ftX3ft6inch along the back two edges and 15 inchs wide and 18 inchs deep. I've worked the volume out to be about 272 litres/ 60 uk gallons/ 71 us gallons. Its filtered by a powerful undertank filtration system which was previously used for a reef tank. i would like to keep a pair of either; Cichlasoma carpinte (texas) or Aequidens rivulatus (green terror) or Nandopsis octofasciatum (jack dempsey) or possibly nandopsis tetracanthus (cuban). would this tank be big enouth for an adult pair? (i'm sure it would be too small for two pairs wouldn't it!?). Also would there be any other tank mates that would be beneficial to add? Thanks very much for any help or advice any one out there can give! Liam.