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05-12-2009, 02:18 AM
Essentially, I'm looking for good advice for a person starting out with killies?

I'm planning on purchasing some eggs from asia. I'm well versed in fresh and saltwater and I'm getting back into the hobby hardcore again. I've already got two small tanks setup and doing great but I'm looking at Killies for the first time and they look very interesting to me. I raised some Triops which, like the killifish, stay in egg form, in the soil, waiting for the rains to come again. With Triops they can survive in the soil for something like a decade. It's really amazing just how many species use this method to survive in harsh environments. I'm not really looking to breed at this time, just raise and enjoy these beautiful fish. Hopefully they'll breed in tank though and that'd be very cool. So, again, looking for advice on hatching killifish, what type is the best to start out with, what kind of water conditions do they like, that sorta thing. It'll be a planted tank and peat could be added to soften the water if needed.

Thanks in advance!!!


05-12-2009, 02:25 AM
Have you ever thought about just finding babies? Its easier for starters, and you would have better results.
I keep about 12 tanks of killies, and never had any good luck with this form of shipping eggs and etc.

I would check out my killie article in this forum about my setup for the killies, and can be done with a 5gal tank. Look at my sticky here, and if you have anymore questions be free to ask!

And preferably, you should start out with some type of garderni and go from there. As in dirt spawners are a bit harder..