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04-23-2009, 07:45 AM
I'm looking at buying a pair of wild caught splendens, but I don't know how to determine if they are from a pure strain or not. Someone said to check the location, and the seller said the location they were caught is "jambi in Sumatra, indonesia", which means nothing to me.

Anyone know about the locations where the pure strains are?

04-30-2009, 12:15 AM
From the info I was able to find online they come from Thailand and Cambodia. Wild's are short finned and green/brown in color.


04-30-2009, 01:13 AM
Thanks, I already decided the guy couldn't be trusted, after checking the origin of splendens, and asking him some more questions and he seems dodgy. After asking someone who would know if you can get them or not, it seems they are so rare you can only get them from remote areas of Vietnam, which of course means they will cost a small fortune IF you could get them, which you prolly can't. Unless you go there yourself and catch them....

04-30-2009, 06:10 PM
It's like guinea pigs. They're all over the world as pets, multiple variations and strains, yet getting a WILD guinea pig is pretty much impossible.


05-03-2009, 05:47 AM
That would be because the pet type guinea pig is a hybrid and can't be found in the wild. There are several types of wild guinea pigs in the wild tho, but none of them would be like the pet type.

I understand the metaphor tho.

05-20-2009, 12:26 PM
Yeah wild splendens are pretty hard to find.

Maybe you could try B.imbellis or B.smaragdina?

05-20-2009, 01:53 PM
I already have smaragdina:)

05-20-2009, 02:28 PM
Cool! I have a pair my self for about a year and They have bred a few times and Do to my inexperience i wasn't able to get any fry to make it and Now i am trying again, Now that i am more experience.

05-20-2009, 02:29 PM
I have kept different type of wild bettas but never splendens, I have never seen them before..