View Full Version : Wikipedia Aquarium Society/club page

02-26-2007, 11:58 PM
Ok folks. I have recently started putting together a page on wikipedia about Aquarium Clubs & Society's. Now I am not a writer by any meaning of the word so I need your help. Check it out & give me any constructive criticism regarding what is said on the page. I also have added a world wide directory of Aquarium Clubs that I hope will grow over time. I have pretty much all the Canadian ones in there but just haven't had time to link to all the websites yet. Too tired from typing LOL. I am sure at least some of the contact info is outdated for the clubs so if you know how please fix it if not just shoot me a msg with the correct info.

I am hoping this will help to increase traffic to all local clubs websites. Which hopefully intern will attract new members.


Let me know what you think.