View Full Version : kribensis community tank

04-20-2009, 03:46 PM
I fell in love with the albino kribensis the first time that I saw it in my LFS, but since I only had a 10 gallon, there was no way I could get it. I am now upgrading to a 30 gallon, but I was wondering if my current community would be safe with it. I did a little research which said no slow moving fish, but I am not completely sure what that entails, so I am just going to list the fish I have and the fish I was planning on adding once I get the tank.
I currently have a platy, a swordtail, 4 tiger barbs, a balloon molly and a bumblebee goby and I was going to ass two female swordtails, a flame dwarf gourami and 6 ghost catfish.