View Full Version : I love B/N

03-14-2009, 07:23 AM
:19: I am so happy, been umming and arhing about buying some bn, after our lfs had them on a good offer 2 albinos for 7 or 4 normals for 10, they are about 2-3cms, well yesterday I had to go and buy a new siamese and they didnt have many in, just 1 normal one looking so cute and busy cleaning the side, so I had to have it, so having seen some bigger ones and the owner showing me how big they grow, I brought 3 bn 2 albino and 1 normal for 10, the normal by himself was 3.50 so saved 50p, they are in my 60L tank for now until they grow and then I shall decide wether to leave them there or to move them to my 90L, by then I may have taken my big comon plec to the LFS as he does exchange for credit or fish, and would take him as they are after big plecs as a few people want them.

Anyway enough waffling, these guys are great so active so busy constently cleaning and eating and moving round the tank, the normal has a real charecter, they look funny next to my l315 plec who is about full size for him, but he leaves them alone even when normal, or darky as I shall name him sits on his back lol